Helen Wyatt Snapp

Helen Wyatt Snapp

W.A.S.P Pilot, WWII, 43-W-4

Research and artwork is by;

Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette


WASP Pilot; Helen Wyatt Snapp 1944

72 Snapp 2009

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Helen Wyatt Snapp

I was born and raised in Washington D.C. and attended Mary Washington Collage in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I learned to fly on a whim and soon thereafter dropped out of collage and became a government clerk in D.C. to pay for my lesions. I joined a new group called the Civilian Pilot Training Program and received my private license.

In February 1943 I received a telegram from General Hap Arnold and Jackie Cochran to report for an interview at the Mayflower Hotel in D.C. I never expected such an invite so I met with them and after hearing of their offer I joined with them right away. My training had qualified me for this chance to personally help in the war effort. My first assignment was to report to Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas for further training.

After graduating I was sent to Camp Davis, North Carolina. Here I was trained to pull targets for anti-aircraft training, helped in search light training, radar operations and strafing exercise. My final assignment was at Liberty Field, Fort Stewart, Georgia. At this base I found myself pulling targets for 18, 19 and 20 year old recruits who were firing live ammunition at me while trying to hit the target. My most exciting assignment was a top-secret project where we worked with radio-control aircraft that would be packed with explosives and used as the first guided bombs.

Returning from leave I was heading back to my base and caught a ride with the crew of the Memphis Belle which was on a War Bond tour. I joined the crew at McDill Army Air Base in Tampa and we were to fly north to Fort Stewart. The pilot and crew were young men who had returned from Europe but they meant nothing really to me because there were so many thousands of airmen I met during my service.

However as young men can be, they had too good of a time the night before and asked me to fly the bomber to Georgia while they slept in the back. I had my multi-engine rating so I was qualified to Pilot this airplane. I was delighted to have the chance to fly such an aircraft.

As we neared Jacksonville, Florida the weather turned very bad so I had to notify the crew. The weather was so severe that we landed in Jacksonville and stayed the night. The next morning my air base sent an airplane for my return.

In December 1944 the WASP program was disbanded and I returned to civilian life. I never thought about my flight in the Memphis Belle for many years. It was several years later I discovered the fame of the Memphis Belle. Many, many years later I met Robert Morgan with the Memphis Belle at an air show in Florida. We recounted our experiences with the Memphis Belle and I only wished that I had someone take a photo of Robert, the Memphis Belle, and Me. I feel very fortunate to have been able to pilot the Memphis Belle.

Written by Helen Snapp.

I asked Helen to send me her story. After I received it, I could not get my self to break it up and rewrite it. I knew that it was best to have Helen tell her own story so I asked her to proof it herself as she wished for the print publication. I am so glad I decided to let her have full editorial privileges. I was not able to videotape our meeting but I enjoyed sitting with her for two hours as we autographed her prints in the limited edition series. I listened to her stories for the full two hour period. We did discuss some current issues, but her war time adventures were a delight to hear.

Helen was about five feet one or two inches, an officer, or as close to being an officer with advanced aviation abilities compared to her male counterparts. Helen Wyatt Snapp is number thirty-two in my series of “Famous American Aviators.” I am so fortunate to be able to work with America’s best.


This is Helen in her living room holding my painting of the Memphis Belle. She was kind enough to autograph the painting for me.

Yes this little lady, now at the age of ninety-one, was once qualified to fly America’s finest aircraft.

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This would be a great painting to own for a few years and then donate it to a museum that would be able to use it in a WASP display or in a bomber display honoring the WASP. Do not donate your gift to a museum if they can not use it right away. Do not let a museum put your donation in the back room. The Memphis Belle has been restored at the Air Force Museum in Ohio. This museum would love to have this to add in their display.

This painting honors both the bombers and the bomber crews in World War Two plus honoring the abilities of the WASP pilots. All things considered women worked in the factories that built the Boeing B-17 and the Consolidated B-24 bombers. Many of the WASP pilots ferried these bombers around the United States all the time. Crews of women would climb into these bombers and fly them from the factory to the airfield they were needed. All over the United States.

If needed, women would have been great bomber pilots. Most all WASP pilots I talked to told me that they would have gone to war right away if needed. When I interviewed B-17 bomber pilot Captain Charles Brown, he told me that he dated one of these WASP pilots. The girl friend WASP pilot told Charlie that she and the other WASP pilots would go to Europe in a minute. They would have competed with the Tuskegee Airmen if they got to fly fighters.

I can also paint a profile of the bomber if you like profiles better. I have a blank canvas that Helen has already autographed for me so I can paint what ever the buyer would like. Helen flew several other aircraft as well. A PT-17, BT-13, AT-6 and the A-25A to name a few. I can paint all of these aircraft on this canvas if you like. We will discus the price later. Since the canvas is already autographed then I can take my time and the buyer can make payments.

I also have several other canvasses that have been autographed by as many as four WASP Pilots. These canvases are blank but autographed. I can paint any aircraft the WASP flew. That covers all the most important trainers, fighters and bombers. These multi-signed canvases cost a little more but it is an investment into history. My Art is like hanging History on your walls.