Women’s Airforce Service Pilots

Here is both artworks and stories of the women pilots of World War Two, the WASP!

Helen Wyatt Snapp

Helen flew the famous B-17 bomber named Memphis Bell when it was on a bond tour. She flew the mighty Fortress from Miami to Jacksonville, Florida.

WASP Pilot, Helen Wyatt Snapp

History of the Curtis A-25A “Shrike” WASP Pilot Helen Wyatt Snapp Artwork and Research is by Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette $40.00 Poster print autographed by WASP Pilot, Helen Snapp $14.95 Un-Signed Poster. Famous American Aircraft; Curtiss A-25A “Shrike” 3rd Target Towing Squadron, Liberty Field, Fort Stewart, Georgia WASP Pilot, Helen Wyatt Snapp The A-25A was … Continue reading WASP Pilot, Helen Wyatt Snapp