F-18 Blue Angel Hornet 12×18″

Blue Angels

By Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette

All artwork below is by the Artist, Sir Hamilton

Red, White and Blue Forever!


“Red, White and Blue Forever!” Painting size is Two Feet by Four Feet.

Blue Angels F-18 Hornet

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Red White and Blue Forever! F-18 Hornet

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Blue Angel History

The Blue Angel flight team was formed at NAS Jacksonville, Florida in 1946.

The first flight demonstration was flow at Craig Air Field located in the Arlington area of Jacksonville, Florida.

Below are paintings of each of the aircraft the flight team has flown since their creation.

This series of painting were commissioned by a client for his personal collection.


The first fighter used by the team was the Grumman F6F Hellcat.


The second aircraft was the Grumman Bearcat.

“Butch” Voris and the flight team flew the Bearcat during the last half of their first tour.

The Blue Angels transferred to the smaller aircraft five to six months after the team formed because the size of the Hellcat was rather large for the maneuvers the team was performing.

However, Butch said that the F6F handled very well during the acrobatics they preformed.


The third aircraft flown by the team was a jet, the Grumman Panther. After the Korean War the Blue Angel flight team reformed and Voris again restarted the unit. This time they were flying the new jets that were assigned to the fleet. “Butch” told me that it was a pleasure to fly the Panther. He said that the flight was smother and you did not have to constantly fight the prop torque. However they did have to deal with the jet exhaust.


The fourth aircraft was the Grumman Cougar.


The fifth aircraft was the Grumman Tiger.


The sixth aircraft was the F-4 Phantom.


The seventh aircraft was the A-4 Skyhawk.


The eighth aircraft is the F-18 Hornet.

On May 2, 1975 the United States Navy selected the F-18 developed by McDonald Douglas Northrop to replace the A-7 Corsair II and the F-4 Phantom. The first operational Hornet squadron was VMFA-314. The group converted from the F-4 to the F-18 in January 1983. Over the next two years the Hornet was carrier qualified and distributed to both Navy and Marine squadrons.

The Hornet joined the Blue Angels in 1986. In 1992 more powerful engines were installed. The new General Electric F-404-GE-402 engines gave the Hornet a maximum speed of Mach 1.8 with a ceiling of 50,000 feet.

The Hornet was designed from the beginning to be capable of adapting to new ordinance systems as they are developed. Such flexibility has given the Hornet the ultimate distinction of being the only aircraft that is compatible to more ordinance than any other aircraft.

During Desert Shield/Desert Storm, 220 F/A Hornet’s flew from twenty-two squadrons from the United States Navy, Marines and three squadrons from Canada. The Hornets collectively flew a total of 11,000 combat missions totaling over 30,000 hours of flight time with an incredible record of never having to abort a mission. The F/A-18 Hornet is truly “Red White and Blue Forever!”


The all time favorite aircraft of the flight team is the C-130 “Fat Albert”.

Let me know if you would like an original painting of one of these beautiful aircraft for your home or office.

The above paintings are 18×36″.

Butch Voris Print

This was the fifth print in my series of “Famous American Aviators”.

This print shows the F6F Hellcat used by the demonstration team.

For information on purchasing one of these Limited Edition prints please go to Butch Voris page.

0b Cecil Field 1993

These Limited Edition Prints are signed and numbered by the Artist with “lithograph signatures” of the Blue Angel Pilots.

This is a print of the Blue Angels flying over Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida as Cecil Field celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

Print Size 24 1/2×30″

Cecil Field 50 Year Anniversary.

Only 150 Limited Edition Prints were published.

Signed and numbered by the artist.

“Lithograph” signatures of the flight team are on each print.

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This painting size is Two Feet by Three Feet.


This is a close up of the painting above.

If you are interested in purchasing the original painting above please let me know.

Did you fly the F-15?, F-16?, or the F-18? I can paint your personal aircraft against the American Flag if you like.

A Two Foot by Four Foot painting will fill the room. All eyes will be on it.

Do you know? A Blue Angle pilot? I would like to publish an early jet if your guy flew one. Let me know. How about one of the “Fat Albert” pilots? That would be fun as well. Contact me below if you are interested in financing the publishing of a Blue Angel print. If you buy the original artwork I will use the monies to publish the print. We will get the pilot to autograph the canvas for you as well.


This artwork is by Giovannetti.