Boeing Stearman PT-17

Artwork and research is by;

Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette

50 PT17 2006

Navy PT-17, 12×18″

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Isn’t this a beautiful airplane?

I published my print based on the above PT-17 which is owned by John Leenhouts.


John owns the above vintage aircraft and wanted a painting of it.

While I was at it I decided to publish a print of this famous workhorse.

The PT-17 is an  aviation cadets dream. It was the trainer for many of our Marine and Navy aviators.


This is the first in my series of civil aircraft and trainers.

If you own a stagger wing or another classic like a Jenny this would be the best way to get your personal aircraft memorialized by having me paint you a painting of it and publishing a print of your bird.

PT-13 Trainers Below


Artwork above of Kaydet is by another artist.


The above line drawings are form the instruction sheet of a plastic model. I believe this was a PT-13. A Revell kit I built when I was a kid.



This is my two-view painting of another PT-17. Size is 24″x36″.

The PT-17 above has been autographed by WASP Pilot, Bee Haydu. Are you interested in purchasing an original paintings of a PT-17, BT-13 or a AT-6 that has been autographed by one or more of the WASP pilots? Contact the artist below.





A painting this size can be commissioned of any aircraft. Most of my paintings are side profiles but I do like to do 3-view paintings. Would you like a painting of your “Yellow Pearl”? Or do you own another classic? Let me know if you are interested. Think about it? A painting of your own vintage airplane. How cool is that.

I need to add here that I actually use a paintbrush and paint. The images are painted onto a stretched canvas. I did not do this in 30 minutes on the computer like the ass wipes that call themselves artist. This is a real painting and NOT a piece of artwork done by the computer.



Above is a couple more photos of the airplane the artwork was painted from.