Charles Brown, B-17 Pilot “Carol Dawn”

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Charles L. Brown

B-17G  “Carol Dawn”

Artwork and Research is By;

Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette


Lt. Charles L. Brown

By Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette


German Ace, Franz Stigler, Artist, Ernie Boyette and B-17 Pilot Charles Brown.

Below is a photo of a flight jacket that was worn by one of the crew of the Carol Dawn.


This photo was e-mailed to me by the son of one of the crewman that flew on the Carol Dawn. It shows all the missions that the crewman flew on. This is not my jacket and it is not for sale.


My brother Bill and Charlie Brown.


Charlie Brown, Franz Stigler, Ernie Boyette.


This is a photo of the “Carol Dawn” during a bombing mission. Charlie Brown was at the controls of the Fortress in this very photo.

This photo was taken by SSgt. Truman Phillips of the 379 Bomb Group, 525th Squadron.

David Phillips, the B-17 gunner’s son, donated this photo for us to enjoy.


Above is another photo sent to me with the “Carol Dawn” and a crew member but I do not know which crewman it is. I am almost positive that he was a crewman in a later crew and not with Brown. But none the less the fellow flew in the “Carol Dawn.” Again this photo was sent to me by family members but the information on this photo has been misplaced. I am sorry.

This is great. This photo has been kept in a family album for who-knows-how-long. And now everyone can see it. I love the yellowed tape.