American Medium and Heavy Bombers

Here we have a Doolittle Raider, Flak Bait, the Memphis Bell and many others.

Memphis Belle

Col. Robert “Bob” Morgan Pilot of the famous “Memphis Belle” Artwork and research is by; Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette I have three different prints of the Memphis Belle below so enjoy and order your print at your convenience. This is the first print of the Belle I published. “Memphis Belle”  B-17F There are 950 Limited … Continue reading Memphis Belle

B-25, Japanese Raider

North American, B-25 Mitchell Research is by; Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette Aviation Artist/Historian This is my painting of the B-25, the “Ruptured Duck.” This bomber was part of the famous raid on Japan in the months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. This bomber was piloted by Ted Lawson. This is the print I made … Continue reading B-25, Japanese Raider

B-26 “Flak Bait”

“Flak Bait” by Sir Hamilton Poster print price $14.95. Shipping $6.00 anywhere in the world. Martin B-26 Marauder “Flak Bait” Research by: Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette Some of the artwork below is by other artist. B-26 Story The Martin B-26 was rushed in its development from concept to creation. The Marauder was on the drawing … Continue reading B-26 “Flak Bait”