USS Saratoga CVA 60


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The USS Saratoga CVA 60 is more than an American aircraft carrier it is a continuous line of legionary United States Navy fighting ships sailing and fighting under the name, Saratoga since the very beginning of this country.

The carrier was stationed at Mayport Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida from the time of her launching until the ships decommissioning.

The Sara CVA 60 was present in every ocean during every conflict during the carriers long service.

I will do more research here in the future.

This carrier has much history especially in Jacksonville, Florida.

History of the USS Saratoga

I will add the history of the carrier here as soon as I extrapolate all of the information I have gathered.


The original painting is two feet by four feet and is available for $1,600.00.

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Painting for Sale

The painting of the Saratoga is available for sale. I originally painted it for a client but by the time I got around to painting the artwork the economy went bad and the client lost his job. So here I sit with a beautiful painting.

If anyone is interested in this paintings the price is $1,800.00. 30×48″ in size.

The person that buys the original painting will also receive 100 of the prints. These prints are for you to sell, give away or as gifts to friends, clients and family members.

Our contact information is below. Thank you for your time and please review the photos I have of the Sara below.

If you have any photos of the Saratoga you would like to add to my web site, I will give a print to the next ten people who will donate ten different photos of the Sara each.

Photos of the Saratoga

Here are the photos I got off the internet.


Image 6

Saratoga 1958. Look at the early jet fighters.


Image 5

Saratoga 1960. This is a great photo of the Vigilante which was a super-sonic atomic-bomb carrying jet bomber.

Great shot of the tower. the tower has changed. Note that the tail of the jet is folded for storage below deck.


Image 4

Sara 1965. Viet Nam era.


Image 3

Sara 1975.


Image 2

Sara 1995.


Image 1





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