U.S.S. Oklahoma, BB-37

The Oklahoma was the second of two battleships built in the “Nevada” class. The hull was laid and the ship built at the New York Shipbuilding located at Camden, New Jersey. The ship was launched on March 23, 1914 and finally commissioned into the United States Navy in May of 1916. The battleship was typical of the time with two large cage masts and a low set bridge superstructure. She was 29,000 tons five hundred and eighty-three feet long and one hundred and eight feet wide. The top speed of the battleship was 20 to 20.5 knots. The Battleship had two aircraft launchers mounted on the ship with three seaplanes attached to the ship.

The firepower of the ship consisted of ten, 14inch guns mounted in four turrets. On the front of the battleship there were two turrets that were mounted above and behind the other. The bottom turret held here 14inch cannon. The top turret held two 14inch guns. The same combination was the same for the rear guns. Her secondary guns were twelve 5inch guns and twelve 25 caliber guns mounted two each. The ship did have a few fifty caliber guns but the ship was designed at a time when the world armies and navies had not embraced aviation yet as one of their weapons. It was considered impossible for a battleship to be sunk by aircraft.

The ship served in the Pacific from 1921 through 1927 when she was then modernized between 1927 to the end of 1929.