Blue Angel, Navy and Marine Aircraft

Hellcat Ace, Donald "Flash" Gordon. 12x18"

Hellcat Ace, Paul Drury 12x18"

Harold Buell, Pilot SB2C 12x18"

Cook Cleland, SBD pilot 12x18"

Marine Ace, Jeff DeBlanc 12x18"

Sole Survivor of VT8, Midway, George Gay 18x24"

Marine Ace, James Swett 12x18"

"Butch" Voris, Blue Angel  Number One 18x24"

Marine Ace, Phillip DeLong WWII 12x18"

Marine Ace, Phillip DeLong Korean War 12x18"

Guy Bordelon, Corsair Ace, Korean War 12x18"

Helicopter Squadron HS-1 18x24"

PT-17 12x18"


F-18 Knighthawks 12x20"


A-7 John "Lites" Leenhouts 12x18"


A-4E Skyhawk, John S. McCain 12x18"


LT. David Westley McCall 12x18"

The F-18 is available as a Limited Edition or a poster print.

Limited Editions are signed and numbered by the Artist and autographed by the Aviator.

Poster prints are not autographed.


Cecil Field 50 Year Anniversary

F-18 Blue Angel Hornet 12x18"

Famous War Ships

USS Lexington 12x18"

USS John F. Kennedy 12x18"

USS Saratoga 12x18"

Swift Boat 70 12x18"

Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette

Aviation Artist/Historian

107 Arthur Moore Drive

Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043

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