Allied and Axis Pilots

Sir Ernie Hamilton Boyette

French Aircraft

Top French Ace of World War Two;

Marcel Albert

Italian Aircraft

Italian SM.79 Torpedo Bomber Pilot;

Dal Corradini

Italian Ace and Messerschmitt fighter-pilot;

Capitano Ugo Drago


Italian Ace and Mc.200 fighter-pilot;

Costantino Petrosellini


Italian Ace and Mc.202 fighter-pilot;

Costantino Petrosellini


Japanese Aircraft

Japanese "George" Ace;

Kunio Iwashita


Japanese "Torpedo Aviator" at Pearl Harbor

Taisuke Maruyama

R.A.F. Aircraft

Famous British Aircraft; Spitfire Mk. V, American Eagle Ace;

Carroll McColpin


Famous British Aircraft; Spitfire Mk. IX, RCAF Ace;

James "Eddie" Edwards


Famous British Aircraft; Hawker Tempest, RCAF Ace;

James "Eddie" Edwards


RCAF Ace; Eddie Edwards, P-40 Ace.

James Frances "Eddie" Edwards



This print was painted and published by James Edwards.

I have a few of these available. You can see the print on Eddie Edwards page above.

Any collector should want to own one of the only works of art that was painted and published by the Ace himself!?!

Name another Ace that became an artist and published a print of the famous fighter he flew in combat?

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