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Along with my artwork I have dozens of stories from the many aviators I have personally interviewed over the years.

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World War One Fighters

All prints below are 12x18" unless noted.

German Albatross

Spad XIII, Eddie Rickenbacker

Famous Air Racers

All prints below are 12x18" unless noted.

Thompson Trophy Winner 1947

Thompson Trophy Winner 1949

Tinnerman Trophy Winner 1949

Jackie Cochran Bendix Trophy Winner

Tuskegee Airmen


Please look at our new Tuskegee Airmen print that will be available in mid June 2014.

Air Corp and Air Force Fighters

American Medium and Heavy Bombers

Here we have a Doolittle Raider, Flak Bait, the Memphis Bell and many others.

Blue Angel, Navy and Marine Aircraft Directory

This section also includes my series of Famous Warships.

Women's Airforce Service Pilots

Here is both artworks and stories of the women pilots of World War Two, the WASP!

Luftwaffe Aircraft Directory

Fighters and bombers. Props to JETS!

Allied and Axis Aces and Aircraft

Here you will find French, Italians, RAF, and Japanese Aviators.

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